Real Estate Investments

As a real estate investment firm, Rajarshi Social Enterprises will invest in a number of innovative ideas. These include development of spiritual communities for those interested in a home environment that supports the practice of yoga and meditation. Other concepts include holistic shopping centers supporting lifestyles of health and sustainability, spiritually uplifting retirement and hospice centers, yoga and health retreat centers, spiritually based guest hostels and private schools that stress the importance of consciousness and character development.

One World Communities: Apartments, condominiums and housing communities will be created to provide an uplifting environment for those seeking a meditative and healthful lifestyle. Such residential centers will include a yoga room, meditation sanctuary, community kitchen, dining hall, meeting room and community garden. Activities offered would include daily yoga sessions, inspiring videos, group meals and community workdays.

Whole Life Shopping Centers: Retail centers specifically designed for the LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health and Sustainability) shopper will provide numerous useful services within a single shopping center environment. These could include a natural food market, vegetarian restaurant, healthy fast food outlet, natural clothing store, green living store, body-mind-spirit book and gift store, yoga and meditation center, and alternative health care services.

An example of a recent real estate investment includes the following:

Dakshina LLC – For those who know anything about Ananda they know it is much more than a church, but a lifestyle that includes yoga, meditation and spiritual community. With that in mind, Dakshina LLC supports the Ananda Church of Self-Realization (Sacramento, California) by owning and managing the apartment complex associated with the Sacramento mandir. For more information visit