Small Business Development

Rajarshi Social Enterprises is named in honor of James J. Lynn, whose spiritual name was Rajarshi Janakananda. Rajarshi was one of Paramhansa Yogananda's premier disciples, and a highly successful business person who exemplified a wonderful balance of spiritual and business acumen. In his honor and with his hoped for support we strive to maintain the inspiring example that he set.

As a small business development firm, Rajarshi Social Enterprises endeavors to create and support socially and consciously uplifting businesses. Consequently, in some cases we will be the sole owner of the business, and in other situations we will partner with like-minded entrepreneurs. Additionally, the small business development office provides accounting and management services, as needed, both to these businesses and to other businesses seeking similar services.

Business Ideas Under Consideration:

Alternative energy
Alternative health care centers
Body/Mind/Spirit book and gift shops
Natural clothing stores
Education for Life Schools
Natural food products
Natural food restaurants
Yoga and meditation centers

Some of our small business projects in the developmental stage include:

Rajarshi Social Enterprises is negotiating the purchase of a spiritually based textile business, as well as developing numerous projects in Los Angeles including a yoga and heath retreat as explained on the Inner Path Los Angeles website. (For more information see